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Thursday, 31 January 2013
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Supplement staff 1982
Alan Hughes has supplied us with this photo of the Supplement staff on the completion of the third volume (O-Scz) in summer 1982, arrayed on the steps of the Radcliffe Camera.

Oxford English Dictionary Supplement staff 1982

Left to right, back row: Richard Beatty, John Simpson.
Fourth row: F. D. Hayes, Richard Palmer (partly hidden), Bill Trumble, Bob Allen, (partly hidden), Michael Mabe.
Third row: Eric Dann, Alan Hughes, Edmund Weiner, John Paterson, David Birk, Andrew Hodgson.
Second row: Lesley Burnett, Alana Dickinson, Edith Rogerson (later Edith Bonner), Sandra Raphael, Julia Swannell.
Front row: Yvonne Warburton, Katy Emms, Robert Burchfield, Deborah Honoré (formerly Deborah Cowen), Della Thompson.
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