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Thursday, 31 January 2013
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Who's who
This section (under construction) contains brief biographies of the lexicographers, publishers and others involved with the OED who are mentioned on the Examining the OED site, together with a list of sources as appropriate. Click on a name below to access this information. (For details on a wider range of OED1 staff and contributors, have a look at Peter Gilliver's annotated list on the OED Online website at http://www.oed.com/public/contrib/contributors, which was put up in November 2007).

We plan to add more biographies in the future. Many thanks to Helen Brookman for her research on the lives of Herbert Coleridge, Furnivall, Murray, Trench, and especially K. M. Elisabeth Murray.

Bradley, Henry
Burchfield, R. W.
Chapman, R. W.
Coleridge, Herbert
Craigie, W. A.
Friedrichsen, G. S.
Furnivall, F. J.
Hall, Fitzedward
Hall, Roland
Laski, Marghanita
Minor, W. C.
Murray, J. A. H.
Murray, K. M. Elisabeth
Onions, C. T.
Rope, H. E. G.
Sisam, Kenneth
Skeat, W. W.
Trench, R. C.
Wexler, Peter
Wyllie, J. M.

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