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Thursday, 31 January 2013
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Other editors 1915
Under the heading 'The Present State of the Dictionary', the same edition of The Periodical (September 1915) also reproduced this photo of the editors still in post, carrying on Murray's work after his death. The building in the background is the north side of the Divinity Schools, not the Old Ashmolean where the team actually worked (see Old Ashmolean staff) -  the entrances to the latter have flights of steps leading up to them making them unsuitable backdrops for a photo, so the Divinity Schools next door must have been selected as a useful substitute for the institutional image. 

Left to right, standing: W. J. Lewis, W. J. Fortune, G. Watson, E. S. Bradley, E. R. Powell, P. T. J. Dadley, H. R. Simpson, H. J. Bayliss; seated: W. Worrall, C. T. Onions, H. Bradley, W. A. Craigie, L. F. Powell. (Photo from OED archives.)

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