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Thursday, 31 January 2013
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Note: this page is now out of date following changes to the OED Online website made in December 2010.

Preparation for all searches

  1. In the OED Online, click on the ADVANCED SEARCH tab.
  2. Open two browsers: one for OED2, one for OED3.
  3. For OED2 searches, click on the hyperlink SEARCH THE SECOND EDITION (1989) in the box on the left-hand side.
  4. OED3 is the default search setting, so leave the second browser as it is.
  5. You can distinguish between the two editions by the colour of the results bar at the top: OED2 is turquoise on a white background; OED3 is yellow on cream.
The rest of the instructions are the same for both OED2 and OED3.

Note: as presently configured (April 2005), the online site stores all user settings created by individuals searching the site (e.g., number of results displayed, or how sorted) for a maximum of 30 minutes. Within this period, sessions are held in a cache, and kept only as long as they are being used. Sessions can be deleted when the cache is extremely full and there is no room for new sessions, when the session has gone unused for a period of time, or when the site is restarted.

The default session timeout of 30 minutes means that if you spend more than half an hour looking through your results (for example, a large body of quotations which you have requested to be displayed at 1,000 results a page), when you next change the screen the setting for number of results displayed will default to the standard settings (i.e., in this example, 10 results a page).

If your computer does not allow cookies, no session will be established, so the settings you request will have to be reset for every search.
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