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Thursday, 31 January 2013
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Unrecorded usages in Anna Seward's poetry
Our sample of Seward's poetry is based on two publications, her Elegy on Captain Cook: To Which is Added, an Ode to the Sun (Seward 1780) and Llangollen Vale, With Other Poems (Seward 1796). Findings are displayed in four tables:

  • Table 1: Words or usages at present unrecorded in OED
  • Table 2: Antedatings
  • Table 3: Postdatings
  • Table 4a: Words or usages which plug the eighteenth-century gap in OED's quotation record
  • Table 4b: Words or usages which build up OED's quotation record for the eighteenth century to (or near) the same level as that for the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries.
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