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Thursday, 31 January 2013
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Work in progress
  • Brewer, Charlotte: further examination of OED's sources as part of this research project: OED's representation of eighteenth century, of women authors, and of 'great writers'; also investigation of the reciprocal relationship between literary writers and dictionaries
  • Gilliver, Peter. Peter Gilliver, one of the OED's Associate Editors (and former editor of OED News), is at work on a commission to write a history of the Dictionary. He is planning to cover the whole history of the project, from its beginnings in the late 1850s to the launch of OED Online, and would be pleased to hear from other scholars working in this area, indeed from anyone who has information which could cast light on the history of the Dictionary. He can be contacted via
  • Mugglestone, Lynda: book on  language and the First World War. Exploring the links between social and linguistic change, this project draws on the unpublished diaries of Andrew Clarke and on archival material relating to OED.
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